Must-attend festivals to look out for when in Miami

Miami festivals

With favorable weather for the better part of the year, Miami is easily one of the top destinations globally. I made my maiden trip to Miami in November. The number of festivals held in November made for a great Miami mini-vacation. I like to think I am a petrol-head, so when I learnt that the NASCAR race is held in November, I made effort to grab my tickets to the event nice and early. As a fan, I opted to purchase the Pre-Race Pit Pass which gives access to the pit road as well as the front of the Speedway, making for an enthralling experience (although my pocket wasn’t nearly as excited).

I also got the chance to attend the Miami International Car Show, and what better place to learn the latest advancements in auto-technology? The car enthusiast that I am was thrilled by the grand display of trucks, and made a note to schedule my next visit to Miami.

music-festival MiamiThe South Miami Art Festival is also a must-attend for anyone who makes time to visit Miami in the month of November. Held in the first week of the month, the festival showcases painting, display of sculptures made from different materials including wood, clay and glass as well as jewelry. The festival also displays creative photography, something which I enjoyed immensely as it allowed me to learn a few skills to hone my photography. When my mini-vacation came to an end, I could not help but be thankful for the great experience in Miami. In order to plan my trip better, I took time to research other festivals held in Miami in different months.

The Martin Luther King Jr Day Parade in January is held to honor the strides made in dealing with racism. The parade ends with a festival held at the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial park.

For art lovers, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival held in February gathers the best artists in their craft from all over the world, and is held over a period of three days. So, whether it is painting, drawing or sculpture work, this festival is a sure inspiration in the heart of Miami.

What is a trip to Miami in March without attending the Carnaval and Calle Ocho Festival? The festival is held to celebrate the Latin community in Miami, and is certainly full of life and energy on the streets.

Carnaval MiamiThe Great Taste of the Grove Food and Wine Festival held in April is also worth checking out. Think cooking contests, tantalizing food, carnival rides for the children and wine and beers for the adults: there is more than enough reason to make your way to the Coconut Grove every April when in Miami.


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  3. john says:

    Wonderful pictures. I already join this festival in Miami.

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