Ways to Enjoy a Miami Vacation

If you are looking for a place to enjoy fun in the sun without leaving the United States, look no further than Miami. This prime vacation destination has become a hotspot for some of the most exclusive parties, attended by a large amount of A-List celebrities. Although Miami is certainly a hangout for the rich and famous that does not mean that average people can’t enjoy themselves too. If you plan to soak up the Miami sun during an upcoming vacation, you will first need to do your research to find the most inexpensive rates for hotels in Miami. Once you have found a hotel you like, you can consider some of the best ways to enjoy a Miami vacation.
1. Miami Beach
If you were to ask most people to start naming beaches, Miami Beach would most likely be one of the first names out of their mouth. There is a very good reason for this. This beach is so beautiful and pristine that it has to be seen to be believed. It is no wonder that people have been drawn here from all over the world for many decades. Visitors can feed themselves at any of dozens of fine restaurants that are all within walking distance of the beach. If you want to get some great photos to remember your trip with, hop in your car and cruise down Ocean Drive. There you will find many colorful Art Deco buildings, as well as the gorgeous ocean that is constantly beside you.
2. Bayside Marketplace
South Beach
If you consider yourself a shopaholic and you want to give your credit card a workout before you return home, Bayside Marketplace is as good a place to do it as any. This is an enormous mall that is filled with over 140 shops that cater to tourists. If you get hungry during your stay, do not worry about it. There are also restaurants and cafes galore. You will be able to find live entertainment without any trouble at all. For those who have more mainstream shopping tastes, there are some big chain stores that have branches in this location.
3. South Beach
Along with Miami Beach, the other very famous beach in the Miami area is Long Beach. If you consider yourself to be beach person, you should definitely visit this place before you leave. Actually, South Beach is simply the most popular part of Miami Beach. Whether you want to actually swim in the ocean, walk or ride your bike, this is an ideal location for all of these activities. Rollerblade and bike rentals are available at various shops that are along the edge of the beach.
4. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
Visitors to this place routinely give it outstanding reviews online. It is a shame that it does not get talked about as much as some of the other tourist attractions in the city. However, if more people knew about this place, there would probably be lines wrapped around the block. Completed in 1916, it is a mansion consisting of 32 rooms, with the center being a courtyard that all of the rooms surround. Over 900 workers were hired for this project. Of these workers, a large percentage traveled from Europe in an effort by the builder to ensure an authentic Italian villa was created.
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